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Virtual typist

Virtual typist

Sometimes it is necessary to input complicated text including special characters in the places where pasting of text is not possible. An example is a console of virtual machine not supporting pasting to guest OS.
This application is reading clipboard text and typing characters at the field where the cursor is as there was somebody typing characters manually.

Trigger the typing:

  • by clicking Paste button in application
  • by previously activated hotkey

The hotkey can be any alphanumeric key or F1 - F12. In addition, there can be a modification key - any of "Alt", "Ctrl", "Windows", "Shift", "Caps" or "Esc".

  • paste
  • typing slow down, milliseconds before next press/release of a key
  • hotkey
  • optional hotkey modifier
  • hotkey enable (requires dook.dll)
  • messages field
Operating system Tested Windows 10
Installation No
Version 1 (2024)
Registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\a_paste]
Download Extract this zip. Content:
  • clipboardtyper.exe - Virtual typist
  • hook.dll - Hotkey hook
  • summas.sha256 - Checksums
System cleaning Delete Registry key